Some of our previous transactions

Major League Baseball

  • Worked with the Derek Jeter team on providing funding for his acquisition of the Florida Marlins professional baseball team. The total amount raised in Debt/Equity was over $1.5 billion USD.

Internet Gaming

  • Signed an investment banking contract to provide $75 million in funding to Australia based 2UP Gaming PLC. Also assisted in the development of a fully functional online casino which utilized proprietary live-dealer technology ( 
  • Lobbied New Jersey politicians including then Governor Chris Christie on conceiving and implementing new laws which ultimately led to the legalization of internet gaming in New Jersey.

International Natural Resource Company

  • Signed an investment banking contract to provide $750 million in funding to an international diversified public resources company. The 5-year agreement also included operational control of certain global projects. 

Russian/US Private/Public Partnership

  • Signed an investment banking contract to provide $5.25 billion USD (€3.75 billion) in project funding for the construction of Russia’s first international multimodal transport and logistics complex . The project was to be carried out together with the Russian government in the Lipetsk and Ryazan regions and the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. 
  • Partnered with Boeing Corporation and Gazprom Bank fo project cooperation. 

Software Development Firm

  • Signed an investment banking contract to provide $45 million in funding to a human resource management software developer. The five-year agreement called for us to establish a North American operation for the company. The proprietary software and hardware system was utilized for time management and employee tracking. 
  • The company was sold to Kronos, Inc. Website/E-Commerce

  • Conceived, developed and managed the entire official Rodeo Drive website and business which offered a unique experience in online luxury shopping. The Rodeo Drive Website was dubbed “High Tech Time for the Highfalutin” by the Wall Street Journal. 
  • Developed one of the very first e-commerce shopping cart systems for multiple vendors. This project involved every high-end luxury retailer that operated on Rodeo Drive.

Corporate Advisory Services

  • Appointed as Corporate Advisor, tasked with assisting a company in the development of Argentina's first Geothermal power station. Duties included raising investment funds, governmental negotiations, and strategic planning. Traveled to Argentina to meet with government officials.

PC Company Turnaround

  • Assumed operational control of a publicly held (NASDAQ: KPRO) corporation to develop and implement a strategic corporate turn-around. Upon joining, Kaypro's primary lender was within days of taking control of the corporation due to Kaypro’s defaulting on over $8 million in credit facilities. 
  • We were able to stop all foreclosure actions, renegotiate the terms of the contract, and repaid the lender in full. We returned the company to profitability in 9 months and handed Kaypro back to its original founder as a profitable entity for the first time.

Cruise Line and Act of Congress

  • Founder of a cruise line to provide service between various ports within California. Assisted in the promotion, lobbying and passage of HR 3866 through the United States Congress which for the first time allowed US flagged ships to offer casino gambling onboard vessels operating in the United States.

Ukraine Government Transaction

  • Signed an investment banking contract to provide funding in the amount of $1.5 billion USD for the development of a timber company. Initial geographic concentration was Ukraine. 
  • Worked with the Ukraine government officials in Kiev on establishing a license to utilize their timber in exchange for multimillion-dollar payments over 50 years.
  • Directly participated in meetings with the Ukraine Forestry Minister.

Hotel/Casino Purchase and Development

  • Initiated the purchase of Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. In association with that effort, lobbied New Jersey Legislature and introduced the legislation that ultimately leads to the legalization of internet gaming in New Jersey and sports wagering throughout the United States. A legal challenge was successfully initiated that ultimately ended up in the US Supreme Court.
  • Our organization’s goal was to be the first gaming entity to seamlessly integrate the brick-and-mortar to the online/social media gaming experience. 
  • Responsibilities included: Obtained Funding, Sales, Marketing, Structuring a partnership with a Chinese Real Estate Group, Strategy and Vision, Technology Development, Governmental Interaction. Total Raise $400MM

Sports Venue Media Technology Company

  • Hired on by the Board of Directors of a sports media company to provide a paradigm shift in strategy. 
  • Complete P&L responsibility including Finance, Funding, Technology, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and Vision, and Investor Relations. 

MidASt Expands Movie Development and Funding Activities Starting in 2019.